2 Bielefeld - Germany

Monday, April 22, 2013 to Friday, April 26, 2013

The conference is centered around the work group themes of our COST action MP1006 "Fundamental Problems of Quantum Physics" with special emphasis on Quantum Theories without Observers. Among the topics, which we will cover are Bohmian Mechanics and experiments, collapse Theories (GRW-theory) and experiments, decoherence theories, physical status of the wave function, relativity and Bell non-locality. Special emphasis will be on the justification of quantum randomness and the question of typical versus special initial conditions of the universe.

The focus of the meeting is on discussion, clarifying the present status of the outstanding questions in realistic quantum theories and setting perspectives for future research. Therefore participation means the willingness to discuss. We shall have very few talks, the role of which is to set the stage for discussion.


A. Bassi, P. Blanchard, I. Burghardt, C. Curceanu, F. Dowker, D. Dürr, M. Esfeld, G. Ghirardi, S. Goldstein, T. Maudlin, W. Struyve, N. Zanghi

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